7 Powerful Tools to manage Tantrums and Meltdowns

These 5-minute videos will help you resolve any situation when your child is ‘acting out’

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You are here because you want and deserve to know how to best support your child when he is having hard times

This is what You Will Learn

During this mini course you’ll spend around 40 minutes to unlock powerful parenting strategies. And you will also get additional resources to augment your learning.

You Have Parenting Skills Foundation

2 steps process to develop emotional connection and start speaking the same language as your child.

You Inspire Emotional Mastery

teach your child to read and decode messages delivered by their emotions and build emotional resiliency in 2 straightforward steps.

You Increase Self-Awareness:

a technique to develop lifelong understanding of feelings intensity.

You Disarm the ‘Knower-Parent” Inside You

Unlearn this common disempowering act of fixing and rescuing the kids.

You Set More Effective Rules & Boundaries

tools to minimize conflict and teach your child valuable lessons without disempowering them.

You Listen To Your Child

learn how to see your child’s perspective and listen to what your child is telling you (it’s often not what you hear).

Course Modules

This is how ”7 Powerful Tools to Manage Tantrums and Meltdowns" mini course is structured so you get powerful, lasting results in the shortest time possible.

Tool 1

Connect & Redirect
Is at the core of the parenting skills and it's one of those tools that proves to work even in the most challenging situations like tantrums or when kids are massively taken over by their emotional waves. You will uncover the framework of how to manage these situations and what words to use.

Tool 2

Feel the Feeling
Every feeling is a signal and message.
Which is why it is important for parents to educate kids about emotions. This tool will show you the secret how to honor and understand what those messages are.

Tool 3

This tool will demonstrate you specific phrases you can use to develop your child’s vocabulary and communication to express their degrees of anger and allow them to make conscious choices about managing it.

Tool 4

Very important to you...
One of the main reasons why parents and kids clash is because both of us live in two different mindsets. You will learn how you as a parent can connect with your child through two key perspectives.

Tool 5

The Talking Hand
You will discover an extremely effective communication strategy and tool to use when your child grabs something, has something that belongs to another child, or wants a turn with a desired object.

Tool 6

Helping Words
You will realise that helpful words allow you as a parent and your kids to be mindful and aware of the words that you use. Also this tool will show you that there is a big difference between helping words and fighting words.

Tool 7

3 Types of Voices and Faces
This tool will explain how your child can create awareness of themselves, their words, voice and body language, as well as the ability to read other people’s nonverbal cues correctly.

This is what will be different in your life by the end of this course.

You'll understand your kids' feelings

You'll allow them to feel what they feel

You'll start using the conscious parenting approach

You'll teach your kids how NOT to suppress or hide their feelings

You'll make them feel safe to share their emotions

You'll stop or say less "No, Don't..."

You'll raise a respectful child

What Parents Say About the Course

Meet other transformed parents and caretakers

The course gave me significant awareness and practical tools to better help me interact with my kid and manage his emotions. A perfect balance of theory and hands-on content, very easy to understand and super useful to improve my mother skills.
Just Brilliant. I highly recommend you signing up with ParentUp to learn new ways of communicating with your children and understanding what they fee. Videos are short and very easy to understand. You can apply easily the tips in your daily life with your kids
Straight to the point, relevant, easy to understand, with good practical examples and tools for you to take away and put it in practice.
Galina presents approaches which help parents to strengthen their ability to deal with their children's emotion. She brings up ideas, which were all new to me (though I am reading a lot about this topic a lot) and gave me some hints on what I haven't  considered before, which is a great value to me!!
I just finished this course and can't wait to put it into action. I have a 5 year old daughter and a son that is 9. I really think that I have gained some new skills for myself to be a better parent to my kids. My daughter is a handful, having tantrums and meltdowns on a regular basis. Thank you for this course.
Really very thankful for this. I have learned a lot from this course as my kid often throws tantrums every day. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their loved ones. Awaiting for more courses from you.

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  • You'll receive a companion workbook to deepen your self-awareness, accelerate your transformation and to master new skills.
  • The structure of the course is set to create AHA-moments, increase your self-awareness and allow you to choose freely how to shift your mindset.
  • Changes do not come overnight, they come with practice and consistency .
  • And don’t forget to have Fun and Enjoy the Journey
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The Gifts You Will Give to Your Kids:

Parenting is a skill. Just like any other skills you need to learn, practice and master it.

A gift of choosing what to feel and how to act

A gift of an emotional mastery and emotional literacy

A gift of self-awareness and ability to recognize own emotions in the moment

A gift of empathy and living in harmony with others, siblings and the parents

A gift of living the conscious life earlier than most people

Are your ready to upgrade Your Parenting skills to the Next Level.

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